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Eldan Hildesheim
User experience and UI

For the last 15 years I’ve been building User Experience mechanism and UI mainly for
startups and IT companies focusing on:
Cloud infra structure management systems


I’ve been mostly consulting for Startup companies in Israel, supplying them a variety of solutions:

A bit about me

I gratuated Wizo Canada School of Design at 1996.
I began my career as a web site designer in the Israeli finance newspaper - Globes. I then shifted working with start ups Israeli companies.
From year 2000, I became freelance focusing mainly on UX. In parallel I gained lots of knowledge with developing/programming tools.


I am married and have 2 daughters (2 wonderfull girls).


I like trekkings and I am apart of a Jazz band, playing a Selmer Alto Saxaphone.

What do I focus on?

I Plan innovative User Experience for managing:

  • Complex Network and Virtual Network structure
  • Storage resources
  • Virtual Machine life cycle
  • Complex UI infrastructure topologies
  • Laboratory test systems

Professional Experience

Apart from long time experience with the market, I’m always up-to-date with new products, attitudes and technologies.

The Process


Working together with PMs, engineering and marketing to understand the product from all its perspectives and the target audience.


Building and testing different Wireframes to reach the optimal UX for the specific target audience.
The process begins with the most important stage with the most simple technology:
Paper and pencil. Following are the Mockeups, I use Balsamiq for this purpose.


Graphic Design, Drawing high fidelity mockups.

Device responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness solution done either in client or server side.

Design Guide Line

Either in a descriptive document or as a CSS/Less file.

Front end programming

Helping the front end engineering team to build the GUI.

Time Scope for different goals

Understanding the client product is not always enough, I am aware of the company needs like investor presentation or demo in a short time. The outcomes are different and features need to be rescaled accordingly.

Last but not least...


  • For a new company/product: Planning a new unified logic mechanism user experience and graphic cross over the product/s.
  • For an established company/product: Keeping the same company UX/UI/Look n feel guideline.

Work Relationship

Keeping a good relationship with co-workers :) I’m very friendly and easy to work with.

What else do I do?

  • Bulding Static Websites (native or based on Middleman)
  • Bulding Drupal 7/8 websites
  • Client code programming: HTML, CSS / Sass and ReactJS
  • Writing Server code: Nodejs and PHP
  • Drawing Technical Illustrations
  • Designing Presentation for booth
  • Designing Logos


Ravello Systems


UX - Redhat Virtualization

RHV (Downstream) or oVirt (Upstream):
Virtualization management platform allows centralized management of virtual machines, compute, storage and networking resources via an intuitive web-based front-end.

UX - oVirt / mechanism to manage iscsi Domains over targets

This UX allows 2 views:
View iscsi luns via the domains who point thoward the luns.
View iscsi luns in a storage domain.
The UI allows gathering luns and manage iscsi domains.

UX - oVirt / Create New VM Dialogue

Dialogue for creating a new VM with custom properties.

UX - Ravello Systems / Oracle

User Experience, UI and Graphic for Ravello Systems - The application allows by dragging VMs and Networking the creation of a cloud setup.
Ravello Systems UI

UX - Cloudius/osv Dashboard

Planning and developing the frontend dashboard for anb osv machine.
osv Dashboard

UX / UI and flash implementation - Optier

Designing Optier interface focusing on system topology for optimizing performance.
Optier interface

UI + Graphic - Shemesh Portal for Rafael

Shemesh Portal


PyCon Israel
PyCon Israel meeting
KVM - Kernel Virtual Machine logo
Contability logo
Biosolve - Pharmaceutical company

…and other stuff

As a part of the added value service I also supply graphic materials and illustrations.
Custom Raspberypie case
Custom Raspberypie case
oVirt shirt
Illustration for oVirt Tshirt
Illustration for a Python course shirt
Illustration for a Python course shirt
Lago logo - automatization of oVirt setup
Lago logo - automatization of oVirt setup

Contact me

Eldan Hildesheim | Mail: | Phone: 972-523416500