what do I do?

Product and UX

  • Research
  • Defining user personas and use-cases
  • Creating user story flows
  • Drawing mockups and prototyping

User Interfaces

  • Building UI based on Material & Material Design
  • Building UI with Custom UI based on Sass

...and code

  • ReactJS
  • Css and Sass
  • Static website with Nextjs and Jekyll
  • CMS driven website with Drupal


Key Skills

  • Planning complex user interfaces
  • UX usability research:
    • Defining client personas and focusing on understanding their needs
    • Building user flows according to defined user stories
  • Lots of experience with B2B / B2C customers
  • Can manage other workers


  • Research, Defining user personas and use-cases, creating user stories flows.
  • Prototyping for different platforms from draft to high fidelity prototyping with: Balsamiq and Figma.
  • UI development, preparing all assets for FE team and helping developing if needed.