Eldan - Me

Eldan Hildesheim - UX and UI


UX Designer / UI Developer for 18 years focusing on IT solutions, working mostly with startups as a freelancer.
I have excellent UX, design & front end coding skills, as well as an ability convert client requirements into exciting online web and mobile applications.

I am used to work on big project and capable of managing other workers for gaining the project goal.


FOCUSING ON innovative User Experience for managing


  • Complex Network and Virtual Network structure
  • Storage resources
  • Containers / Virtual Machine life cycle
  • Complex UI infrastructure topologies


  • -
    oVirt / RHEV UX + UI: UX Designing and maintenancing the Upstream and Downstream project oVirt and it’s Downstream product Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Management. Acquisition of Qumranet and Red Hat. A full life cycle application for managing Virtual Machine on a Private Cloud. (2008 – 2018)
  • -
    Ravello System UX + UI: Designing (UX + UI) for Ravello System Ravello System that brought to the acquisition with Oracle. Building a whole Private Cloud and enlarging it to the cloud. (2014 – 2016)
  • -
    Optier UX + UI: Building the UX / UI and development of Topologies based on flex for optimizing Data Center. (2006 – 2010)
  • -
    PyConIL conferences: Creating all the materials for the 2017 and 2018 conference in Israel including the Drupal website, posters, booth graphic…
  • -
    Static Web Sites: Building static website for open source Communities: oVirt, CNV. Technology: Middleman and Jekyll. (2018)
  • -
    HACCP: Building and managing the Haccp project for food testing: A multi type user system that manages test labs for food safety. (2012)
  • -
    Comichat: A completely new alternative messenger application that generates online comics strip from chat messages, creating a whole new communication experience. (Present)



Design School: Wizo Haifa. (1992 – 1996)