Backoffice and Client UX / UI for Milgam


Client's Tablet Schedule

Dia Logic

Redesign of a system that manages Individual Bordernets.


RedHat Virtualization

(oVirt - Upstream release) Virtualization management platform allows centralized management of virtual machines, compute, storage and networking resources via an intuitive web-based front-end.
Ovirt network configuration: Assignment of Logical Networks to Real Interfaces.
Ovirt network configuration: Defining a Network Interface.
Ovirt User Portal.

Ravello Systems

User Experience, UI and Graphic for Ravello Systems

The application allows by dragging VMs and Networking the creation of a cloud setup.
A more complex snapshot of the system


osv Dashboard

Patient Tracker App for Ichilov Hospital

UX / UI and React implementation for an application for Ichilov Hospital

Add Patients and track statuses over all their health states till end of treatment. Managment of doctors. Archive.


Messenger based on comics


Scaleing cloud resources

Product Design / UX / UI


Optimizing Tiers in DataCenters

UX / UI / Implementation of design in Adobe Flash


Client Appliance for collecting water usage