Milgam Backoffice managment

UX and UI for Milgam Backoffice Managment System and Mobile App

Back Office

Milgam Backoffice

Tablet (Client)

Milgam FrontEnd

Patient Tracker

Tracking patient app for Ichilov Hospital.
UX / UI and implementation with ReactJS and Firebase RealTime Database.

Patient Tracker

Dialogic EMS

Redesign of a system that manages Individual Bordernets.


Dialogic Dashboard

Bordernet List Management

Dialogic Bordernet grid

RHV - RedHat Virtualization

(oVirt - Upstream release) Virtualization management platform allows centralized management of virtual machines, compute, storage and networking resources via an intuitive web-based front-end.


RedHat Virtualization

RHV - iscsi domains over targets management

This UX allows 2 views:

  • View iscsi luns via the domains who point thoward the luns.
  • View iscsi luns in a storage domain.

The UI allows gathering luns and manage iscsi domains.

oVirt_iscsi LUNS management

RHV - Flow concept for Affinities

Flow concept for managing Affinities between different oVirt entity types keeping same UX comportment

RHV - New VM Dialogue

Dialogue for creating a new VM with custom properties.

New VM Dialogue

RHV - Import VM flow

Import Virtual Machines flow into oVirt from multi different resources keeping resemblance UX comportment between all modules

Ravello Systems / Oracle

User Experience, UI and Graphic for Ravello Systems - The application allows by dragging VMs and Networking the creation of a cloud setup.


Ravello Systems UI
Ravello Systems UI

oVirt Community site

The site that gathers Blogs, versions to download, features…


Ravello Systems UI

Cloudius/osv Dashboard

Planning and developing the frontend dashboard for anb osv machine.

osv Dashboard


Designing Optier interface focusing on system topology for optimizing performance. UX / UI and developing topology maps out of Adobe Flash

osv Dashboard

“Shemesh” Portal for Rafael

(UI + Graphic) Designing Optier interface focusing on system topology for optimizing performance.

Shemesh Portal

Design and production of the PyConIL conference in Israel web site 2017/2018

Site was created in Drupal 8 Framework.


Pycon conference in Israel web site

Comichat - Iphone application

Comichat - a completely new alternative messenger application that generates online comics strip from chat messages, creating a whole new communication experience. Language: Swift, DB: Firebase

and other stuff...


PyCon Israel
PyCon Israel Conference
KVM - Kernel Virtual Machine logo
Contability logo
Biosolve - Pharmaceutical company
Comichat - Logo for IPhone App

As a part of the added value service I also supply graphic materials and illustrations.

Custom Raspberypie case
Custom Raspberypie case for Redhat
oVirt shirt
Illustration for oVirt Tshirt
Headspace injections
Technical Illustration for Headspace injections
Chemical catalogue
Illustration and Design for a Chemical catalogue
Illustration for a Python course shirt
Illustration for a Python course shirt
Lago logo - automatization of oVirt setup
Lago logo - automatization of oVirt setup