The Process

- Team

Working together with PMs, engineering and marketing to understand the product from all its perspectives and the target audience.

- Wireframes

Building and testing different Wireframes to reach the optimal UX for the specific target audience. The process begins with the most important stage with the most simple technology:

Paper and pencil. Following are the Mockeups, I use Balsamiq for this purpose.

- Mockups

Graphic Design, Drawing high fidelity mockups.

-Device responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness solution done either in client or server side.

- Design Guide Line

Either in a descriptive document or as a CSS/Less file.

- Coding

Front end programming, Helping the front end engineering team to build the GUI.

- Time Scope for different goals

Understanding the client product is not always enough, I am aware of the company needs like investor presentation or demo in a short time. The outcomes are different and features need to be rescaled accordingly.

- Consistency

  • For a new company/product: Planning a new unified logic mechanism user experience and graphic cross over the product/s.
  • For an established company/product: Keeping the same company UX/UI/Look n feel guideline.

- Work Relationship

Keeping a good relationship with co-workers :) I’m very friendly and easy to work with.